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M.B.D. – Episode 52

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Warning! The following may contain bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, cardboard characters, cheesy plots, offensive NSFW material, and / or puns. Reader discretion is advised.

Thara crept forward through the brush. She led the hunting party to find and kill the Trantor beast, a foul nasty creature with tusks that could slash its victims open in an instant. Its claws were razor sharp and could easily rend flesh from bone.

Thara hand picked her hunting party from the finest hunters in the tribe. Seeko, her sister by blood, who was good with a staff. Kree, who was talented in using the spear. Tyrie, who was a superior archer. And Uldu, proficient with many weapons, but master of none. They were all her sisters in spirit and today they were united in their purpose.

Thara reached to the ground and ran her fingers along the outline of the beast’s print. “It is not far ahead of us now. The tracks are fresh.”

The party moved forward, stalking through the brush as silently as cats. A noise made Thara stop and she signaled for the rest of the group to hold in place.

A loud snort sounded nearby and then the beast was charging toward them, spittle flying from its tusks. The women scattered as the best rushed forward. Tyrie let an arrow fly and caught the beast in its rear flank, but it did little to slow it down. Kree managed to slash it across its snout. The foul creature let out a bellow as it dashed away.

“Follow it. Now that it is injured it will be even more dangerous.” Thara bolted after it loading a javelin in her atlatl. She threw the javelin towards the beast, coming within in inches of making a hit.

They chased the creature through the forest. They were nearly upon it when a strange opening rent the air. It was a large squarish shape but looking through it there was no longer forest on the other side. Instead it seemed to be a dark chamber with strange boxes that shined like fireflies.

From within the space a voice called out “Eureka! We’ve done it”

The Trantor beast was just ahead of them. Thara loaded another javelin and hurtled it at the beast. This time it was a solid strike in the chest. The beast bellowed in anguish, as another arrow from Tyrie’s bow pierced it. It rushed forward trying to get away from the hunters, passing through the opening and into the other space.

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