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What’s your favorite genre?

So, instead of me talking about me all the time, I thought I’d turn things around a little and talk about you, dear readers.

Or more directly, I have a question to ask you. What is your favorite genre of fiction? It could be books, movies, TV shows, TV shows / movies based on books, books based on TV shows / movies, graphic novels, whatever.

I’m curious to know what y’all are interested in. I’ve got my preferred genres of course, but I’d like to find out what you read – what types of stories keep you up all night reading, even if you have to get up early the next day to go to work? What types of stories do you love more than anything else?

Personally, my favorites are science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.

Leave your comments below.

5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite genre?”

  1. I like psychological and supernatural horror. I enjoy watching comedy and drama, listening to operatic metal along with some 60’s rock & roll.

  2. I love sci-fi and fantasy.
    In movies I am also very partial to action – the more explosions the better!
    But it is the characters that make a book special for me. If there is a strong character then I will read just about anything.

    For that reason I also enjoy biographies, auto bios and historical fiction and non fiction.

    People are fascinating, and there is nothing better than reading a good story about someone intriguing.

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