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Now You’re In Trouble!

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Well, not exactly.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably read A Day In The Life, my short story for the Quarterly Blog Hop. If you liked it, you can own your very own copy. For free!

I submitted it to an anthology of short, funny stories collected from writers on a forum I frequent. With all the craziness going on in the world concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, and the current economic troubles, we thought the world could use a good laugh. Or at least something to amuse ourselves with. And we figured since money is tight we’d release the ebook for free so everyone could get a copy.

In addition to A Day In The Life, I have a second story, Do Electric Sheep Eat Artificial Grass? in the anthology. Even if you’ve read the story here on my blog, you can read a new story written by me. So, bonus! And there are thirteen other stories to enjoy so something should strike your fancy.

The anthology is called Now You’re In Trouble! Or Where Did All The Toilet Paper Go? You can find it at the following places:

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