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Sale on Holly Lisle’s writing courses

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If you are looking at getting into writing, or if you have been at it for a while and want to go further, you might want to take a look at Holly Lisle’s courses. If you aren’t familiar with her, Holly is a fantasy and science fiction author who has had a 30+ year career writing stories. She also started teaching her methods for writing and having an author career of your own.

I’ve taken a number of her courses over the last seven years and they are always useful. In addition to her classes, she runs a forum for her students that is one of the best places for writers to hang out on the ‘net. In the interest of full disclosure, I hung out on her forums so much that I became a moderator. The forum has a zero tolerance policy for political or religious arguments and the folks there are very supportive of each other. If you get stuck in one of the classes, need some brainstorming help, or generally want to hang out with other folks on the writing journey, this is a great place to do it.

So, why am I bringing all this to your attention? As you may have noted from the headline above, Holly is having a sale (starting next Tuesday) on all her courses over $20. A 50% off sale. Note: the links below are affiliate links, meaning if you buy the class using my links, I get a small commission. Even so, I can say I’ve taken these courses and think they are worth your time and effort.

Her big classes, How To Think Sideways, How To Revise Your Novel, and How To Write A Series, are for the folks who have been writing for a while and want to have a career writing fiction. These are not classes for everybody. Don’t buy them and not use them, or think they are going to magically solve all your writing problems. They take a lot of time, energy, and effort to complete. I’ve taken both the How To Think Sideways and How To Revise Your Novel. I can tell you from first hand experience that they are difficult to get through, your learning happens over the course of months, but in the end both classes turned out to be well worth the effort. I have not tackled How To Write A Series yet, but I hope to go through that one soon.

She has a number of other courses, focused on specific topics to help you along your writing path. I’ve taken Title. Cover. Copy. Fiction Marketing Workshop, and Find Your Writing Voice. The former will help you nail the three most important parts of marketing your book – the title (it has to grab the reader’s attention), the cover (does it give the reader a good idea of what they are in for?) and the ‘blurb’, the text on the back cover that gets the reader to pick up the book and decide if they want to buy it. The latter class is great for finding your unique author ‘voice’, your style of writing that can only be done by you. I even got introduced to some characters I want to put in some stories along the way.

Other classes she offers are How To Write A Novel, How To Write Short Stories, How To Write Villains, and Writing Dialogue with Subtext. I’ve not taken any of these yet but they are on my radar to get to as I continue to work on being a professional author.

These classes will go on sell next Tuesday, January 26, 2021. If you want to support Holly by buying them at full price before then, and you have the resources, go for it. But the last year has been rough on everybody. Holly said she was never going to discount her big classes, but given how crazy the world has been, she wanted to make them affordable for folks that want to take the classes. So, click on any of the links above, read the sales page and see if the class will work for you.

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