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Let’s talk bubbles ….

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My wife loves water, and swimming, so we’re at the local pool every chance we get.

Now stick with me as this might seem a little convoluted to those uninitiated with the way my brain works.

When I was a kid our family went to Aquarena Springs in San Marcos Texas on summer vacation. I remember they had a swimming pig and mermaids. The mermaids did underwater choreography, and they had these long hoses they’d suck on every now and again when they needed air. One of the things I always thought was neat, and still remember, was how they would blow bubble rings. Think of a smoker blowing a smoke ring, but underwater, and a bubble of air rising up. They’d blow the bubble ring, then swim up through it when it spread out to a large enough size.

Setting the mermaids aside for a moment, I came across this video on YouTube of a falling water display at Osaka Station City in Japan. It displays the time every minute and in between displaying the time, it does artwork, flowers and such. Take a look:

Now back to swimming. I’m way too easily amused, and I noticed bubbles coming up when I put my hand in the water. If I cup my hands just right, I can capture an air bubble and release a small stream of bubbles. I find this particularly amusing.

Then, all these things ran together and birthed an idea. It would be cool to have an underwater display, much like the falling water display at Osaka City Station, but with bubbles rising up, like the mermaids blowing bubble rings. Same principle as the falling water, just different application. You’d need a strip of nozzles to place at the bottom of the pool of water. It could even be curved or circular. Then you’d need a control mechanism to open and close the nozzles to release the bubbles in different patterns. Bonus if we can get it to blow bubble rings.

If you happen to know of such an installation, or build such an installation, please let me know.

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