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An anniversary not spent in the hospital

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Yesterday was my third wedding anniversary. I am happy to report it wasn’t spent in the hospital. Let me explain.

For our first anniversary, my wife and I went to South Lake Tahoe. It doubled as our honeymoon because we didn’t get to take one after we got married. We stayed in a nice little hotel. On our first night I saw a bear running through the property. Soon after one of the employees came running behind it, shouting and making noise, to scare the bear away. (We talked to the guy the next morning – one of his official roles at the hotel was ‘bear scarer’.)

We went on a lovely photo tour of the area and got lots of photos of the natural beauty. The next day we were doing the tourist thing, going around town, eating at the local restaurants, shopping. My wife started having chest pains and eventually ended up in the emergency room.

I spent most of the rest of the trip in the hospital with Jeanette or waiting at the hotel room. The doctor said she had a heart attack, probably due to the elevation (approximately 7000 feet above sea level.) She was told to leave immediately and never come back.

A friend of my wife lived several hours away at sea level so we stayed with her for the rest of the trip before heading home. My wife picked up a cold or something in the hospital so I had to sleep in the living room while she slept in the guest bedroom.

On our next anniversary, my wife’s cardiac problems had increased. Before our anniversary she had a heart attack and was in the hospital getting a stent put in to help open one of her arteries. She then had another heart attack and had surgery on our anniversary to do a valve replacement.

This year, no medical problems. At least until my wife got back from a meeting and she told me she fell, skinned her knee and maybe fractured her upper left arm. (We don’t think it was fractured and she seemed to have better use of it today.)

To treat ourselves we went to our favorite Thai restaurant. So much nicer than spending our anniversary in the hospital. I had the pepper steak and my wife had bird’s next salad with shrimp. I like this place because they get the spiciness right. I’m not a big spice fan, but they manage to get it just right. Just enough to have a little kick, but not so much that it overwhelms the taste of the food or burns your skull off.

I guess they’re right when they say the third time’s the charm. Here’s hoping that all the rest of our anniversaries go this well.

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