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Sirocco escapes!

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So, we’re traveling and I have the dogs in the car. We stop to give them a potty break. I’m trying to get Major Tom leashed and out of the car. I lift him so I can place him on the ground but he slips. As I’m trying to reposition him so I don’t drop him, Sirocco takes advantage, leaps out of the car, and bolts off at top speed.

He runs down a nearby alley between two stores. I get Major Tom on the ground but I can’t get him to move in the same direction Sirocco went. He’s heading around past the front of the car so I keep him moving around to the passenger side so my wife can hold his leash while I chase down Sirocco.

Meanwhile, Sirocco has discovered that the alleyway is a dead end and has doublebacked. I see him coming out of the alley, then he races past the front of the building and down the other side. I give chase. He goes behind the building and when I round the corner I find several cars parked back there. I can’t see Sirocco anywhere. As I’m getting down to look under the cars, he comes racing out and into the street. Fortunately no cars are coming.

I get up and start chasing him again. Calling after him does no good. He’s enjoying the freedom of running. I keep after him.

He runs on to the main street in front of the building. This one does have cars on it. The first car heading toward Sirocco stops and waits as the little beast runs across the street. I’m grateful that the driver apparently likes animals or at the very least didn’t want to have killing a dog on their conscience.

Lady Luck turns an eye to the situation and arranges for a trio of female college students walking across the crosswalk of the street. Sirocco sees them and makes a beeline for them. He gets to them and jumps and cavorts with them so he can get attention and pets. I call to them to grab his collar. One of the girls does so and holds him until I can get there.

I get him leashed and back to the car. He gets a short walk to go potty. As soon as he pees I take him back to the car and secure him, then get the other dogs out for their break.



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