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And this too shall pass away

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As the story goes, there was a sultan who asked one of his advisors for a sentence that could be posted in the palace that would be true in all times and all situations. The advisor thought it over and came back with ‘And this, too, shall pass away.’

No matter what you are facing, whether the lowest lows of depression, fear, and anxiety, to the ecstatic heights of love, pleasure and joy, you must always keep in mind that they are temporary, ephemeral.

I’ve been reflecting on letting my comics go, especially the recent release of the first five issues of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I read and enjoyed them while I had them. And I got a lot more for them than I paid for them when I sold them. And I suppose somewhere down the line, someone else will buy them, and read them (or maybe just hold on to them as an investment) and get some joy and value from them.

Either way, this too shall pass. And many millennia from now when the heat death of the universe finally befalls creation everything will pass. I will be long gone, you will be long gone, these words will be long gone.

The only thing to do is to enjoy life in spite of the pain and setbacks. Maybe it is the pain and setbacks that make the enjoyable parts of life sweeter. Can you know joy without also knowing pain?

Something to ponder before we, too, pass.

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