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Looping Dreams of Madness

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Yes, I’m not dead yet. You can’t get rid of me that easily.

Last week were cleaning house and came across a rather dusty part of the house. Upon breathing in all that dust I got a sinus infection. So, I spent most of my weekend comatose. Which means I missed Saturday’s posting.

The Problem with going comatose when I get sick is I have these horrible looping dreams. Think of Groundhog Day, but instead of getting to relive the day and make changes, you have to go through a 10-15 second loop of the same thing. For hours at a time.

For instance, one dream was a door frame, with a constantly changing montage of other door frames inside of it.

In another one I was trying to delete something off an online grocery order but it wouldn’t delete properly.

A third dream had me trying to kick something but I could never connect. Shades of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football!

I haven’t yet come up with anyway to break these dream cycles. They certainly are annoying at the very least. Downright maddening at the worst. There’s probably some way of doing it – lucid dreaming, or drugs, or chanting mantras, or something. But I don’t ever think about that when it’s happening because I’m dead to the world and sleeping through it.

Here’s hoping you are in better health, dear reader.

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