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Sorry to any skateboarders or snowboarders out there that came to this post thinking they’d find something of interest. No, this post is about the much more mundane paper shredders.

I, for one, love shredding papers in a shredder. There is just something I find greatly satisfying about feeding paper into a shredder and watching it get consumed, hearing the grinding as the paper is cut into tiny pieces, then seeing the little bits of paper falling past the window in the front of the bin.

Why do I bring this up? Because the other day we were cleaning out the last of the ‘dusty room’ in my wife’s house, We came across a box of old papers that we no longer need. They have personally identifying information on them, so before just tossing them all out, I get to shred them!

< Tim Allen simian grunting >

Today, or any day I get to do shredding, is a good day. I hope you, dear reader, get to do something that brings you joy today.

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