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More Adventures in eBook formatting

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You need good eyesight when formatting books. It helps to be able to see all the little things, like double commas, or misplaced apostrophes, or missing quote marks, things like that.

It’s nice having an automatic spellchecker, at least. It’s easy to see the little red squiggly line under the misspelled word. You correct it and move on.

Then there’s the weird spacing issues. A sentence might break in the middle and the end will be on the next line. Or the drop cap at the start of a chapter somehow appears on one page, and the rest of the paragraph appears on the next page.

Then there are more insidious problems like two spaces between a word. Sometimes those are hard to see and easily overlooked when you’re scanning for problems.

Normally, I have my glasses and I can see things up close without problems. However, a few weeks ago my glasses broke. Well, the frames broke, but the lenses were just fine.

I can read the computer screen. Of course, being digital, it makes it easier to read by adjusting the font and making it larger. I tried a pair of reading glasses but I have to be at the just right distance to see things clearly. That leads to neck strain, so I gave up on them.

I went to the optometrist’s office and had an eye exam. The last one was two years ago so it was probably about time I went anyway. My eyesight has changed a little but nothing drastic. I ordered a new pair of glasses. Hopefully, they will be in on Monday. I’m looking forward to being able to read again.

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