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Help me select a title

So, I’ve been hinting at the project I’m working on for a while now. I guess it is time I told you what it is. I’m working on a collection of flash fiction Christmas tales. Flash fiction, for those of you who don’t know what they are, are complete short stories under 1000 words long. Some places consider anything under 1500 words long as a valid flash tale, and others more strictly limit it to 500 words.

These stories have been written over the last eight years or so for my friend Cat Gerlach and her Indie Author Advent Calendar. Each year she has hosted an online Advent Calendar and each day visitors were treated to a short flash fiction tale. This year would have been the tenth year, and the final one, but Cat’s personal life has been a little overwhelming. She still intends to do a final tenth volume, but not until next year.

I’ve written stories for many of them and I’m collecting them in to a single volume, plus adding some new tales to round out the total number of stories to ten.

Which brings me to the subject of this email. I need to decide on a title for the collection. Below is a list of ten titles and you’ll see my Muse has an odd sense of what makes a good title. If you’d be so kind as to leave a comment and let me know your two favorite choices I’d appreciate it. Or if you don’t like any of them, tell me your idea for a title. I’m open for suggestions.

Here’s the list of choices:

1 Tiny Christmas Tales
2 A Flash of Christmas
3 Christmas in a Flash
4 Tiny Tales of Christmas
5 Ten Christmas Flash Stories
6 You’ll Like These Christmas Tales – Trust Me
7 Stocking Stuffers
8 Read These Christmas Tales Or Die!
9 Bite-Sized Christmas Tales
10 Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Read My Christmas Tales


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