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An early Christmas visit with the grandkids

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We visited with some of the grandkids this afternoon for an early little Christmas celebration.

My stepson passed away in June of 2022 and for various reasons we won’t be able to gather with his kids and wife during our annual family gathering. So, we visited them this afternoon and kicked things off a little early.

We dropped off their presents today. They don’t get to open them until at least Christmas Eve, if not Christmas day. We’re just evil that way. 🙂

We had a nice long chat to catch up on things going on with them. My step-granddaughter is going on 15 and has become a theater kid. She’s part of the drama department at her school. She has been a stage hand and manager for several productions over the last year or two. This year she’s getting under the lights on stage and getting roles in the productions. She’s really getting into it.

She and several other theater students performed an original dance routine to one of the songs in the stage musical of The Little Mermaid and did so well in competition that they are going to nationals in Indiana next summer. She’s got a part in an upcoming school production of Hello Dolly! and I’m hoping we can arrange to go see it when it premieres.

As for my step-grandson, he was shorter last time we saw him. Now he’s almost 12 and an inch or two taller than me, and still growing. He’s got size 12 shoes. He’s like a puppy growing into his huge paws.

He is into video games, and dinosaurs. He’s going to be taking a class on coding starting in January. One of his goals is to make video games (of course). Being a coder myself, I’m happy to hear he is pursuing programming. I’ve told him if he gets stuck to call me anytime and I’ll see what I can do to help out. It’s nice being able to help bring up the next generation of code monkeys.

It was an all-too-brief visit, but at least we got to see them before Christmas. It’s hard arranging time to visit with them so we’ll take any chance we get.

May you and yours be able to spend Christmas together, dear reader.

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