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Nail polish … just like painting a house?

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The other day my wife asked me to apply nail polish to her nails. Once again, I’m the last person you want to ask about fashion or what color goes with what.

“It’s not that hard. Give it a try.”

I suppose it is not unlike painting a house. You want smooth, even strokes, with no globs or drips.

First, though, I had to remove the old nail polish. Armed with nail polish remover and a cotton pad I scrubbed off the old paint … er, nail polish.

Apparently I didn’t do it quite right as my wife pointed out some spots I missed. More polish remover and scrubbing later, her nails were ready for a new coat of polish. I felt like I should be putting tarps down under her hands, and using painters tape around the edges of her nails.

I started in with the new coat of polish. Oddly enough, it is exactly like painting a house. Although, ruining through the back of my mind was the classic Bugs Bunny line ‘You meet the most innnnteresting people.

In a few minutes I was done. The polish was on in a mostly even coat, with no blobs. I was right about the painters tape though. I got a few smudges on the sides of her fingers.

Live and learn, I guess.

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