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Sirocco the Fearless

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Sirocco is the youngest of our three dogs. He is also the most fearless.

Even when he was a puppy he had no fear. He’d go in the backyard during a thunderstorm acting like he didn’t have a care in the world. He’d even take a pee and then just walk around. Fireworks and other loud noises never bother him.

He is also very good with other dogs. Case in point, this morning while walking the dogs, there was a woman out walking her dog. It looked like a white lab, possibly mixed with another breed. The first time we encountered the pair, I had Major Tom with me. When he noticed the other dog, he started pulling on the leash, choking himself in an effort to get to the other dog. Not because he wanted to play, but because he thinks he is alpha male of the neighborhood. He gets aggressive with other male dogs and tries to prove his dominance. The other dog seemed concerned but didn’t react to Major Tom’s blustering. I lead Major Tom in the opposite direction from the other dog and was done with it.

Then I took Sirocco out for his walk. Again, we encountered the same lady with her dog on her way back home. Sirocco saw the other dog and started pulling on the leash, but he was very much in ‘let’s meet!’ mode. I asked the lady of she minded if the two dogs met and she was fine with it.

Sirocco got closer to the big dog, who took notice and faced himself to meet Sirocco. This dog was five times Sirocco’s size, and he could have stopped Sirocco in his tracks by steeping on him with one great big paw. Sirocco didn’t seem to care. He went right up to the big dog and licked him on the nose.

After a few brief moments of sniffing each other, the other dog dropped into play mode, head down, tail up and his entire body wagging from side-to-side. Sirocco did the same. Then the big dog rolled over and had all four feet flailing in the air. I asked how old he was and the lady said he was just under a year old.

I didn’t want Sirocco bolting into play mode and running around, pulling my arm out of my shoulder socket, nor did I want the big dog to do the same to his person. I thanked the lady for letting the dogs meet then stepped in and got Sirocco’s attention and got him moving forward. He looked back once or twice, then caught scent of a squirrel and tried bolting for the tree that held the offending squirrel. In addition to being fearless, he’s also easily distracted.


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