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Deadline still gone amiss

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So, that flash fiction collection of Christmas tales I was working on? Yep, still don’t have it ready to go.

I had the seven stories I did for Cat Gerlach’s Indie Author Advent Calendar over the years. And I was able to quickly write two of the remaining three stories I needed to round it out to ten stories. Then … nothing.

I don’t know why I can’t get that last story. Maybe it’s because the holidays are over. Putting the collection out now seems kind of anti-climactic. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself to get it done and my Muse fled and hid.

I think the farther it gets away from Christmas the more mental resistance I’m building up to finishing the project. Interestingly, my Muse just said that I should release it in July as a ‘Christmas in July’ type of thing. Actually, not a bad idea. It takes the guilt of not getting it done in time for Christmas 2023 away.

I’d still like to get that last story done before July though. Sooner would definitely be better than later, as it would give me more time to work on the cover and formatting.

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