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Email list woes redux

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I finally managed to get to the migration functions within Mailerlite. I have successfully moved over the subscribers (that’s you, dear reader), forms, and automations.

I am not able to move over the emails I’ve already sent, or the statistics associated with them. When I start using the new Mailerlite platform I’ll be starting all over again on that front.

Not having the previous emails will be a bit annoying. It makes it hard to figure out what I’ve already talked about. In the future, if I cover something again, you’ll have to forgive me if it is mostly a repeat of something I’ve already covered.

Another fun fact of sending out emails – Google and other mail platforms are now requiring that sending domains be verified and authenticated. I had to go through several steps to get my domain to comply with the new requirements, but hopefully that will keep my emails out of your spam folders.

Here’s to moving boldly into the future of email.

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