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Onward through the fog

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I discovered the problem, I think, of why my website didn’t verify for Mailerlite.

If you go to my site using the secure certificate (the https:// thing) it was redirecting to another website on the same server. The hosting company put in a self-signed certificate to help out. They say I need to buy a SSL certificate and install it.

If you go to my site now, using the https://, you get a warning message that the site might be insecure. If you encounter that, simply hit the ‘Advanced’ button on the page, then accept the exception. This should bring up the site under the https:// side of things.

I’m hoping Mailerlite accepts this and gets things back on track by the end of tomorrow. I’d really like to keep going with the momentum I’ve built up sending out daily emails.

If you’d like to support my efforts, why not buy me a chocolate chip cookie through my Ko-Fi page?

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