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Light dawns on a new era, part II

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It seems that after all the work of verifying and authenticating my domain, and moving over to Mailerlite’s new platform, not everyone on my mailing list is receiving my emails. Or some readers are getting them but not in their primary inbox.

If you aren’t getting my emails, dear reader, well then, you may not be reading this. But if you are, here’s some things to check on or try. These are all Gmail issues. No one else has reported issues on other platforms. Yet.

First, check your Spam folder. There are several lists I’m on that are consistently showing up in my Spam folder, even though they have been in my inbox since I signed up on the list. All that domain verification and authentication is supposed to keep me out of your Spam folder. If I’m in there, I have some choice words to share with the folks running the Internet.

If I’m showing up in your Promotions tab, or the Social tab, you have to drag my email to your Primary tab. Release the mouse when you have dragged my email on top of your Primary folder. Gmail should give you a popup confirmation box asking if you want all my future emails to go the Primary tab. Answer ‘Yes’ and you should be set to go.

I hope that clears things up and you start getting my missives again. My ego is thoroughly convinced that you have nothing better to do than await my missives and drink deep from my wit and wisdom. Let’s not disappoint it with reality that you probably have other things to do and just catch up on my missives as time and energy permit.

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