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Ring and Run in the 21st Century

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So, I’m sitting at my desk working on the computer this afternoon. I can hear some kids walking by the house outside. Like most kids, they are loud on Saturdays when they don’t have to be in school.

The dogs are at their various spots around the house.

The doorbell rings, then a few seconds later rings again. The dogs all bolt from wherever they were previously residing, making a beeline for the front door. I get up and head there as well, thinking maybe there is a package or something being delivered.

I get there and can’t see anyone through the glass. No signs of a package either.

I open the door and step outside. No one around.

Remembering that I heard kids a few moments before this happened I walk around the edge of the house and look down the street. There are four kids walking down the street, all of them looking back over there shoulders. The second they see me they whip their heads around and walk faster away from the house.

Classic Ring and Run. At least they didn’t leave a flaming bag of dog poop on the doorstep.

I will neither confirm or deny that I ever participated in such a practice. And I can’t say as I condone such behavior.

There’s one thing, though, that I didn’t have to worry about way back in the day – doorbell cameras.

I go and check the recordings for our doorbell camera. Sure enough, one of the young girls from the group of kids walked up our walkway, rang the doorbell then ran off to the side of the house.

If I were one of those mean, cranky, ‘get off my lawn, you little brats!’ old guys, I’d take the video footage and post it in the local community Facebook group and shame the youngster. I won’t do that. I’m just glad they aren’t out vandalizing the neighborhood.

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