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Societal heat sink

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I got my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Technology with a specialization in computer hardware. My original goal was to go work at Disney creating their audioanimatronic attractions. Things didn’t quite turn out that way, but I’m okay with that.

I remember being in the lab one time, working on a circuit when one of the other students turned to me and said ‘James, you’d better check your circuit. Smells like something is burning.’

Since I don’t have a sense of smell I had no idea that the main IC chip was plugged in backwards and was generating a lot of heat, enough for it to start burning out. I had to use my finger and touch every component on the circuit to find out which part was overheating.

Electronic circuits can generate a lot of heat when they are turned on and running. One way to help keep the heat from getting too hot and destroying the circuit is to put a heat sink in there somewhere. Heat sinks ‘collect’ the excess heat from the circuit and transfer it to the surrounding air, or possibly a liquid medium. The heat then dissipates and the circuit doesn’t overheat.

I think society needs more heat sinks. People who can take all the negative vibes from the surrounding environment, and instead of reacting in an equally negative fashion, let that negativity dissipate into the atmosphere. People who can remain calm in the face of adversity, who don’t get wrapped up in all the drama, and don’t hold on to the negative and can let it go then forget it.

I think the Buddhists get this. They understand life is suffering, and the way to not suffer is to not get wrapped up in the drama and let everything go.

I partially do this. I can absorb the negative vibes but instead of letting them go I hold on to them. They run around in my head and sometimes they jump back back out again, but I hope at a lesser level than they went in. I need to work more on the letting things go end of things.

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