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Washed In The Blood

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I do virtual assisting for authors, helping them get books formatted for print and eBook, getting the finished book out for distribution, etc.

One of my clients, Wanda Dionne, has put out a book recently that I want folks to know about. It’s called Washed In The Blood, a thriller about a young runaway who ends up in a religious commune, run by Seth, “God’s Appointed One.”

Rosebud is sixteen, running from her parents and their restrictive rules. She’s no angel and ends up living on the streets. Along comes Seth, in his crusade to save the lost, who takes her to his compound. While Seth seems to be on the straight and narrow, others in the community have darker agendas. Is Seth really as ‘too good to be true’ as he seems, or is it all a game?

Who can be trusted, and who is against her? Will Rosebud be able to navigate the treacherous waters of the community and separate truth from lies?

Download a copy today and find out. Available wherever eBooks are sold.

Note: The Amazon link(s) above is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase from clicking that link, you don’t get charged anything extra, and I make a small commission from the sale.

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