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Starting the artistic journey

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A while back I lamented the fact that I have not pursued my artistic desires and learning to become a cartoonist.

I said I was going to start making an effort to pursue my desire to learn to cartoon but I didn’t really start. I put it off. At least, until recently.

As we’ve been cleaning the house, we’ve come across a lot of paper that was just going to be thrown in the recycling bin anyway. I set some of it aside to use for drawing practice. I figure it will still end up in the recycling bin but I can make use of it first.

I came across The Drawing Website run by Luis Escobar, who has worked as a storyboard artist for The Simpsons TV series for several decades. I figure he probably knows of what he speaks. I’m starting at Level 0 and working my way up from there. I’m doing that whole Zen ‘beginner’s mind’ thing and starting over at the beginning. I’m hoping that by working through the different lessons I’ll be able to be more consistent with my drawings. I can draw something once. If I try to draw the same thing again, but in a different position or some other change to the composition, it looks nothing like my other drawings.

Speaking of Zen, I’m also trying some Zentangles just to get some extra practice just drawing lines and things. I may not be as strict as the Zentanglers are, making things exact with perfect lines and all, but it gets me doing drawings so I figure it counts.

Maybe by the time we get the house cleaned out I’ll be a better artist, or at least have some fundamentals down so I can be a more consistent artist.

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