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The Slushie Of Doom!, The End?

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So, while cleaning out the car, I did a thorough search to see if I could find my glasses. Looked under all the seats, in the far back, under the dashboard. No luck. This was not good. I can see long distance just fine, and well enough to drive, but I have difficulty reading and seeing up close without my glasses.

The next morning, it was cold and a little damp and rain was predicted for the day. The wife suggested I drive over to the intersection to see if my glasses might have fallen out of the car and might be lying in the grass somewhere. I figured it was worth a shot.

Drove to the intersection where the accident occurred, parked the car on the side street and went looking around the area. Scanned the grass pretty well, but no glasses.

I went to the ditch next. I could see some junk from our car sitting in the ditch. I figured if nothing else I should be a good citizen and collect our garbage so it didn’t mess up the environment.

I slipped going down the slope but caught myself on my right arm. Jarred it a little but no real damage.

I looked around the area of the ditch but still couldn’t find my glasses. I went to the pile of debris and started picking it up. There was a lot and it was hard to hold it all but I was determined to get all of it. Good thing I did. At the bottom of the heap sat my glasses. In tact. A little dirty but I had them back.

Came back home, deposited the junk in the garbage can, and cleaned my glasses. Put them on and I can see up close again.


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