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What to play, what to play?

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Warning! Game nerdity ahead.

I mentioned the 6 X 6 TTRPG challenge before, where the goal is to play six sessions of six different TTRPG games over the course of the year. So far, I’ve made pitiful progress on this goal. Our group has gotten together once for a session of Paranoia. And whereas it was a good session, it is not making up for not having five more sessions. This is unsatisfying on both the challenge level and the I-want-to-play-more-games level.

I’m definitely going to have to sol a few sessions. The problem is … what do I want to play?

I’m thinking one of three things:

1) A pulp hero campaign, something along the lines of the Shadow, or Doc Savage. The lone hero fighting the forces of crime and corruption on the mean streets of the big city in the 1930’s era. I’ll likely use the DoubleZero System with the Pulp Heroes toolkit This is one of those genres that really works best for one GM and one player, but it isn’t one that my gaming group has any interest in. Also, I’d like to give the DoubleZero system a try and see how it runs.

2) A superheroes campaign, most likely using TSR’s Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game. This is another itch I’ve only gotten to scratch once, several decades ago. Again, it’s not something my group has a lot of interest in. It is a similar itch to the pulp hero above, but different. Probably a little more comic than the pulp campaign would be.

3) A gonzo post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting. Namely, Gamma World. Second Edition. I’ve had this game for decades and have never gotten to play it. Just over-the-top goofiness fighting things like cybernetic lizard men, or android warriors, or who knows what. A game where you pick up your sunsword and charge ahead to take on your foes single-handedly, not waiting for your companions, a magic wielding princess and a big hairy brute, to catch up to you.

So, that’s my choices. I’ll likely run one of these systems alongside the Mythic GM Emulator, Second Edition to act as the GM / oracle. That way I can let it handle the adventure details while I handle playing my character and seeing what story evolves.

Do you have an opinion, dear reader, on which one to go for? If so, leave a comment and let me know.

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