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Pomsky: The Shedding

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We had a Siberian Husky named Sugar Bear up until around two years ago when he had to be put down. He was six feet long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He could almost put his front paws on my shoulders if he stood on his back legs.

Being a Siberian Husky, he used to shed. A lot. By the amount of hair I picked up on an almost daily basis I would guess he shed his own body weight in fur. Each day. I’m surprised he wasn’t bald with how much hair he shed. The wife jokes that he’d create one puppy (or more) each day when I swept up the balls of hair.

It didn’t matter that I’d do as thorough a job as I could when sweeping (or vacuuming) Sugar Bear’s fur. I’d try to get under the furniture too. Within minutes of sweeping more clumps of hair would magically appear, crawling out from under the couch or tables.

Now we have Sirocco, who is maybe a foot from tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. His only Husky traits he exhibited until now are his howling (albeit rather high-pitched howling) and the amount of pull he has to him as he tries to charge forward while I take him on walks in the morning.

Recently, however, he has started shedding. I guess he has matured enough that the husky shedding trait has manifested. He doesn’t shed quite as much as Sugar Bear did, but for his size I think he might be proportionally shedding more than Sugar Bear did. We get big handfuls from Sirocco, and they seem to be of similar size to the ones we got off Sugar.

I was hoping we’d bypass this Husky trait but no such luck. I can only hope if we get another dog (and the wife has been looking) that she gets a breed that doesn’t shed so much.

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