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Site Migration – complete!

I got my bill from my current hosting company and it was nearly triple what I used to pay. That is too much for hosting my sites. I don’t have anything against my current hosting company. They’ve been good for a number of years and have been responsive when I’ve had problems. But ultimately it is time to get a new hosting company.

I decided to go with TigerTech. Their pricing is reasonable. But the main reason I choose them is their tech support.

One of my clients uses Tiger Tech for their website. Since I have done maintenance on the site, and I’ve had to ask questions from Tiger Tech’s tech support, I can say from personal experience that they are top-notch. They are quick in their responses, and they are accurate, They’ve been able to answer any question I throw at them, and they are great at completing any task I set before them.

They actually read the emails I send them. I have had to deal with tech support departments where I send them a detailed list of steps I’ve taken to solve a problem, not found a solution, and ask for help. Then I’ve had my list sent back to me as the ‘solution’ to the problem, with nothing further.

This does not happen with Tiger Tech!

They make regular backups of your site. We needed to restore my client’s site once because it was hacked and defaced by Internet ne’er-do-wells. Tiger Tech got one of the backups of the site, and restored the site. There was only a day or so of information missing.

Anyway, the DNS settings should be propagated throughout the ‘net by this point and pointing to the new host. If you do run across any problems, let me know.

If you’re reading this post then things have worked out.

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2 thoughts on “Site Migration – complete!”

  1. I’m sorry, but the post you made about migrating to Tiger Tech did not come through to me, and I know nothing about it yet.

    Just thought you should know.

    Let me know if you don’t get this comment.

    1. Sorry your comment didn’t come through, so I’ll not be able to reply. But I’m sure your comment was witty, erudite and obtuse. Too bad it is lost to the Infinite Void.

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