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Let’s talk gin

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I don’t drink alcohol and the wife only occasionally imbibes.

For some time now she’s been looking for a place that will make a sloe gin fizz for her. It seems this was a favorite drink of hers in her youth.

Her quest started last summer sometime as I recall. We were at a restaurant that served alcohol and she asked the bartender if he could make a sloe gin fizz for her. He said they didn’t have any sloe gin.

This scenario has repeated itself several more time since then. It happened again tonight.

We went to a new restaurant, which had a bar inside. Once again the wife asked for a sloe gin fizz and was denied the beverage of her choice. We wondered if this was possibly a North vs. South thing, but as we couldn’t find any place to make one. I’m thinking it may be more of a generational thing and maybe the newer generation of bartenders just may not know how to make one?

I asked my wife what made sloe gin different from regular gin. She said it was sweeter than regular gin. The idea immediately jumped to mind that if I made a gin that was spicier than normal gin maybe I could call it accelerated gin.

Good night, dear reader.

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