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Omen-ous movies

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There is a new Omen movie out in theatres, so all the previous ones have been released on streaming services. My wife, being a horror writer, had to binge them all.

I’ve never seen the original The Omen and Jeanette said I should watch it. I figured it is a cultural touchstone if nothing else so I sat down to watch it with her. Not nearly as creepy as I expected.

The scene where they are trying to take Damien to church and he attacks his mother should have been their first clue that something was wrong. But as usual with horror movies everyone ignores the obvious, like everyone around the kid dropping like flies. I did like that he had a hellhound as a pet. A boy should have a faithful dog by his side.

I was surprised to see Patrick Troughton in it. He will always be the second Doctor to me. It was good to see him in something else.

The other movies were Damien: Omen II, The Final Conflict, Omen IV: The Awakening, and the reboot The Omen.

I didn’t feel the need to watch the others. I saw bits and pieces as I passed through the room as my wife watched them.

I was surprised at the ending of The Final Conflict. It is the only horror movie I’ve ever seen that has Jesus Christ show up at the end to confront the villain (Damien played by Sam Neill). Normally horror movies end on some inane jumpscare, or the lingering shot on the villain staring into the camera maniacally. It’d be nice to see a horror movie that has the other side represented in a more active role.

Omen IV: The Awakening gets the award for the most annoying of them lot. The soundtrack was all off. Imagine the soundtrack for Home Alone or some other slapstick humor film. Then use it for a horror movie, where creepy things happen, people are screaming, and the mood should be intense. I could here it from the other room and it was irritating as all get out.

The reboot wasn’t bad, but it didn’t bring much new to the mythos. It was a straight retelling of the original, with a few minor alterations. Not real sure why it was even made, other than the studio figured it was long enough since the original and there was a new audience to separate from their money.

So, still not impressed with the horror genre. I’ll stick to sci-fi and fantasy.

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