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The start of annoying pest season

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We had to out and run errands. I’m driving the car and I feel a spot on my arm start to itch. I don’t think much about it, scratch my arm, and continue on my merry way.

Then it happens again, but in a different spot on my arm, not far away from the first spot. I still don’t think about it, scratch my arm and keep driving.

Then it happens a third time. I turn my arm over to look at it, wondering if I’m getting hives or having an allergic reaction to something.

And there it is. A mosquito, doing it’s darnedest to suck the lifeblood out of me.

I try to be respectful of life, and I know it is just trying to feed itself to stay alive, but I don’t like being itchy and I don’t want to be anyone’s dinner. Especially if they can pass on a nasty disease by consuming part of me.

We pull up to a stop light, so I roll down the window and put my arm up. I blow on the mosquito and try to get it to dislodge. It does, but it doesn’t go out the window, it goes into the car.

So, now I’ve got this critter flying around inside the car. Whenever it gets close to the window I try to wave it out, but no luck. It evades me each time and goes out of reach.

I try to keep an eye on the little bloodsucker but I lose track of it as I need to pay attention to driving instead.

The mosquito keeps flying by the windshield. I can’t decide if it is taunting me or wants to get out of the car and keeps running into the invisible barrier that is the windshield.

A few stoplights later, I finally manage to wave the mosquito out through the open window. I quickly roll the window up so it can’t get back in.

There you have it. The start of mosquito season. It will last until October or possibly November, depending on how the Fall weather runs.

As bad as they are, mosquitos are still better than ticks. Ticks are nasty little creatures. But that is a discussion for another time.

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