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The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

Trolgar lowered his line over the edge of the bridge, into the rolling water below. Today he would finally catch the Terror of River Freeza, a trout of exceptional size.

The sun shone overhead, with few clouds to block its rays. Yesterday the rain poured down, washing worms into the river, driving the trout into a feeding frenzy. Trolgar had scouted during the rain for the perfect fat juicy worm, which now dangled from the hook at the end of his line. He was sure it was irresistible to the Terror and would draw him in.

Everything was quiet. Even the local fauna seemed to sense that stillness was needed to catch the Terror. Trolgar listened to the beating of his own heart, which he thought was still too loud and might scare away the fish. He willed it to beat slower and tried to relax to the sweet lulling of the river flowing beneath his bridge.

Fishing was a trial of patience and Trolgar meant to pass. He sat as still as he could, moving only enough to make sure he cast no shadow on the water as the sun moved across the sky. For five years he tried to land that fish with no luck.

There! Trolgar thought he saw a shadow moving just below the surface of the river. It was the Terror, he was sure of it. The shadow circled the spot where his line hung in the water. This was it. In a few moments, the Terror would go for the worm, then he’d be caught. Trolgar would pull on the line to drive the hook into the trout’s lip, then he would haul his prize out of the river. Tonight he would dine well.

Steady. Steady. Wait for it.

Trolgar slowly wrapped the line around his hand, ready to jerk it and hook the Terror.

Any second now. Almost there.

A sound of galloping hooves in the distance caught Trolgar’s attention. They headed in his direction, going at great speed.

No! Not now!

It was one of the Express Riders, no doubt delivering some important message to the King from far away.

Trolgar slowly wrapped the line around his hand, ready to yank it and drive the hook into the Terror’s lip, then hauled out of the river. Trolgar would eat well tonight. He peeked over the edge. The shadow was right by his line. He waited for a tug, signaling that the Terror took the bait.

The galloping drew closer.

Come on, take the bait!

Hooves clattered on the bridge, making an awful racket as the Rider spurred the horse on.

“Ho, Trolgar! Catch.” The Rider tossed a coin in Trolgar’s direction. The troll grasped it out of the air, lest it fall into the river.

“Hope you get your fish!” the Rider called back as his horse sped away from the bridge.

Trolgar looked over the edge again. The shadow was gone. He pulled up the line. The worm was gone.


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  4. Suggested possible alternate ending: Trolgar reaches out and grabs the coin, then looks down and sees the shadow floating downstream, followed by his line and pole.

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