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Dodged a bullet on getting a new dog

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The wife wanted to run errands this afternoon. It turns out the first one was to a pet store.

I’m on record as saying we don’t need another dog. I’m the one who walks the dogs, feeds the dogs, water the dogs, medicate the dogs, and generally do everything to take care of the dogs.

The wife loves the dogs, but she doesn’t take care of them. She has health issues, so it is understandable that she doesn’t take care of the dogs.

But she is jealous that the dogs like me more than her. I can’t help it. Animals love me. There have been five dogs in my lifetime that haven’t liked me. I’m sure given enough time I could win those five dogs over to my side. I seem to have an ‘animal magnetism’ that attracts animals to me. Stray dogs follow me home. One of my neighbors’ dog dug under my fence to get into my backyard. And once we got married, her dogs started hanging around me more than her.

So, we went to the pet store to look at puppies. I don’t agree with pet stores selling puppies. There are so many dogs at shelters, that need good homes, and will be killed if they aren’t adopted. But we were at the pet store and the wife found several dogs she wanted to meet.

This lot was winnowed down to one, mainly due to the fact that all but one of the dogs were males. Major Tom doesn’t do well with other male dogs, but he seems to get along with females. The remaining female from the lot also happened to be An American Eskimo, just like Major Tom.

The wife asked the clerk if she could meet the little American Eskimo. The clerk brought the puppy out and we sat in the little booth so we could interact with her. She was a nice dog, a little nervous peeing but that is understandable. The clerk told us she was five months old.

The puppy was very friendly, and didn’t show any signs of fear or hesitation. I sat back to let the puppy interact with the wife more than me. The puppy would come to me, and I’d give her a few pets, then I stopped. It is guaranteed the puppy will like me, but we want her to like interacting with the wife more.

The wife and the puppy got along well. The wife liked her and would like to adopt her. The saving grace for NOT adopting the puppy is that the wife is looking for a specific breed of dog. If she can’t find one of that breed, I think she’d adopt the little American Eskimo we saw today.

The clerk took the puppy back to her pen, and we left.

One last thing. The wife will not agree to let me name the dog if she buys one. I figure that is only fair. She pays the upfront cost, and I pay the ongoing maintenance cost. I should be allowed to name the dog. If the situation were reversed I’d let her name the dog.

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