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Follow-up on Major Tom

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Yesterday I reported that our dog Major Tom was feeling ill.

Last night as I was finally getting ready to go to sleep, the wife walked into the bedroom and said that Major Tom had a seizure. We bundled him in to the car and went to the emergency Vet Clinic.

We checked in and they took him off to get some preliminary stats. He seemed happy enough and walked well, so I wasn’t too worried.

After a while the Veterinarian came in to tell us the options. She explained that his vomiting could be something as simple as he ate something bad for him, all the way up to kidney or heart failure. They could give him Cirinia(?) which would stop his vomiting for 24 hours or so and give him some fluids, or they could do X-rays and other invasive procedures. Since the vet didn’t think it was something more serious based on whatever her exam revealed, we went with the option of getting the drugs and fluids.

An hour later we finally left, and Major Tom seemed to be doing OK. The vet said that if he did start vomiting within 24 hours to get him to his Vet. We got home, and everyone settled in to finally get to sleep.

I got up at 6:45 AM after about four hours of sleep. Right after I got up, Major Tom threw up in the living room. I got the other dogs out for a walk, but Major Tom didn’t want to go. Not a good sign. He threw up twice more before his Vet’s office opened and we could call for an appointment. They said they were booked but we could try to come in because one of their early appointments had not yet called back to confirm.

We went to the Vet’s office and fortunately they were able to fit us in. We had to leave Major Tom with them as they did some diagnostics to find out what was wrong.

We came back home. Sirocco was frantic because we didn’t bring Major Tom with us. He eventually settled down but he seemed uneasy most of the time.

Eventually the Vet called us back. Major Tom had pancreatitis. Not life-threatening and treatable. We went back to pick him up. The Vet said that several of Major Tom’s hormone(?) levels were way higher than normal, indicating pancreatitis. He gave us several drugs to give Major and said he should be fine in a few days.

So, major (no pun intended) crisis averted. Major Tom has rejected most food, which made giving him his pills tricky, but he took them. I’m sure he wants to be over this so he can get back to eating, walking and rough-housing with Sirocco.

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