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Long day traveling, Part III

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A few rambling notes –

I’m finally back home.

Today was shorter than the previous two days, by about half the time.

I am so glad to be off the road. I’ve discovered the car is good for short trips around town, but long road trips, not so much. It can get uncomfortable sitting in the same position for so long. I start to get leg cramps along my right leg. I probably need to work on adjusting the seat to be more comfortable.

During the trip I ordered some Insomnia Cookies while I was at one of the hotels. I’ve done it before and usually they are pretty fast. Not this time. It took them almost an hour to get the order ready for delivery, then almost another hour to get it to me. Don’t know what happened to cause the delays. I still like their cookies and I’ll probably order from them again, but it might be easier to go pick up the order instead of having it delivered.

Now to get some things around the house fixed. The sink in our master bathroom is spraying water from under the lip of the faucet. And there’s a problem with the kitchen sink too. We have someone we can call to get them fixed and he should be here tomorrow to get everything in working order.

Tomorrow also starts the Summer of Fiction Writing event on Holly’s writing forums. It has been far too long since I’ve sat down consistently to write. I need to write so I’m using this as a catalyst to get me going again.

That’s all for now, dear reader. I’m off to get some much needed sleep.

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