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The Muse has mental churn as well

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It’s not just me that has mental churn. My Muse has it as well.

I’m trying to work on the five flash fiction stories that I talked about in the Summer Of Fiction Writing post. I think I have an idea for one of the tales.

Beyond that, my Muse is busy working on other things.

I came up with some ideas on a kids book series that I would like to do, along with a breakthrough idea on another kids book series. If I ever do them I’ll likely write them under a pen name. Not that what I’m going to write under my own name would be offensive or not appropriate for minors, but it does have some humor that is probably over their heads and deals with some more adult themes. Best to keep the kids stuff separate.

I’ve got some ideas for some other flash fiction tales totally unrelated to the flash fiction tales I need to write for the short collection I want to put out as part of the SOFW project.

And there are several projects that the Muse has been kicking around for a few years that she has now circled back to and wants to pursue instead of the five flash fiction tales.

The other day a meme floated by on my Facebook feed defining the word ‘Quiddling’. It means ‘busying oneself with trivial tasks as a way of avoiding the important ones’. I think that might be what my Muse is doing. She’s busy working on other projects and not focusing on the one I need to be working on.

Time to find a way to get the Muse to think of the five flash fiction tales I need to write as ‘trivial’ and not as important as one of the other projects so she’ll work on them instead.

So, I’m putting the flash fiction tales on hold and making the 98 volume pulp epic I’ve been sitting on for decades my new top priority. Either I’ll get the five flash fiction stories done, or I’ll get 98 volumes of pulp done. Either way I should end up with something publishable.

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