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Two down, three to go

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Righty-o. Today I got industrious.

I got up this morning and did some research for one of the series I want to write. It’s not one I want to discuss just yet, as I’m still not sure I’m going to pull the trigger on it.

Then we headed out to run errands all afternoon, part of which involved shopping and getting some new dog toys. After running errands with the wife all afternoon, we got back to the house. The wife went off to nap. I sat down at the computer and wrote.

I finished the flash fiction tale I started the other day, and then went ahead and wrote the second flash fiction tale. So, two down and three to go. In all I got 932 words written today.

This is a Good Thing(tm). It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to do any serious writing and it felt good to get back to doing it. I want to keep doing it. I’m hoping that if I can start getting some of these things out of my head the mental churn will die down. That too would be a Good Thing(tm).

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