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Storage unit woes

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So we recently boxed up a lot of stuff and put it into storage.

It’s a good thing that we put things in storage. The house was full of lots of things we don’t really need any longer. Our better move is to probably sell it all, but having it in storage let’s us get it out of our way now.

We have both a little physical space and some mental space to think about what to do with all the stuff in storage. As I said, we should probably sell it. his way we can pull out one box at a time, and figure out what to do with it.

As I’ve been getting rid of things over the last few years, I’m beginning to think a minimalist lifestyle might be the best way to go. Other than my books, and maybe a few pieces of furniture, I probably don’t need most of the stuff I have. Holding on to everything just clutters up life, makes it hard to get around the house, and clogs up my mental processes trying to keep up with it all. Things gets lost, or misplaced, and then I have to wonder what happened to it, did I lose it, or did it just get lost in the clutter?

I can stream most of the movies or TV shows I have on DVD. I could get my books on ebook, and I do have many in that format, and they would take up significantly less space. Books, though, are the most valuable thing people can have. And I’m a fan of dead tree, analog versions. This is the one thing I struggle with when trying to get more minimalist. As I’m fond of saying, it’s not hoarding if its books.

I suppose if I truly must have physical copies of books, that’s what the library is for.

All the other things, the toys, knick-knacks, and things are fun to have but I probably don’t need them.

I don’t have time for crafts, or at least I don’t make time, so I should probably let go of any of the things I have for that. I do want to hold on to a few art supplies as I pursue my cartooning goals.

There is one problem with putting all the stuff in storage – the wife packed several books I wanted to read soon, one for research, the others some business books. They are in the storage unit somewhere and I don’t know where. Going through all the boxes might take a bit. We’ll see how it goes.

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