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Once again, stacking emails and Arthur Mace

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So, I just sent out yesterday’s email a few minutes ago. I intended it to go out yesterday, of course, but somehow I missed coming back to the browser window to actually send the thing.

I tend to have a lot of browser windows open. One time I had 164 windows open at once. I get the email set up in one window and then send a test email to myself to check and make sure everything is right and the links all work. Then I have to go to another browser window to read the email. I’m guessing I got distracted by something in a window between the two after checking the test email but before sending the email.

Mea culpa.

Anyway, I got some formatting done on Arthur Mace, Medieval Gumshoe getting it ready for a print version. Yes, I’m a slacker. It’s been out several years as an ebook and I haven’t gotten around to putting it out in print. I’m trying to correct that now. I’ll let you know when it is available in print.

Also, I’m working on some ideas for Mace’s next tale. Just sayin’.

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