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Christmas In July nearly did me in

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The wife was up early in eager anticipation of the local Christmas In July Festival event. She looks forward to it every year. For her, it is the start of the Christmas gift buying season. We got up, I got the dogs walked, had breakfast, got ready and were out the door.

We got out a little early so we could try to find a decent parking space. We were fortunate in finding a space not to far away from the event. Fortunately everything is paved so it isn’t too difficult to push her wheelchair around and we were fairly close to the event.

We got going at the Festival, strolling along looking at al the booths. We’d stop at a booth, the wife would look at things, she’d chat with the person selling things, and we’d move along.

Sometimes she’d find something she’d want to buy. She’d ask my opinion but as it usually involved whether or not something went with something else, which I am the absolute wrong person to ask such things. She spent quite some time at a booth where she bought several Christmas gifts talking with the lady running things. Turns out the lady lost several people close to her recently and the she and my wife bonded over mutual losses of family and friends.

We spent two and a half hours wandering around the Festival. We got a funnel cake at one point. We got to the second-to-last thing the wife wanted buy, which involved a bit of backtracking along the way we’d already come. She found a nice wrought iron sign that the people selling it personalized with our name so we could put it outside the house.

It was at this point that all the pushing my wife around finally caught up to me. I got very winded and had to sit down, nearly exhausted. It turns out the woman sitting next to me was a nurse and she asked if I was okay. Told her I was fine but very tired and winded from pushing my wife’s wheelchair around all morning.

She went and got her husband (thanks Matthew!) who was good enough to help push the wife’s wheelchair all the way back to the car. I thanked him for his help. We went past the last place the wife wanted to buy something on the way but she declined buying anything in favor of getting back to the car.

We got home and I took a much needed nap.

Naps are good.

And we get to do it all over again next year.

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