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Four down, one to go, Part II

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Right. I’ve been struggling with the fourth of the five flash fiction stories I’m writing as part of the Summer Of Fiction Writing. I wrote the fourth story but I wasn’t happy with it. Something was off about it. I couldn’t tell exactly what but there was something wrong.

This afternoon my Muse finally broke through the blockage and told me what the problem was. I was writing the story from the wrong perspective. It was written from more of a ten thousand foot viewpoint when it needed to be brought down to more of a hundred foot viewpoint.

I changed the story from being about the global scale and brought it down to how the global events affected one person.

So with this new perspective I’m changing the story to better fit my Muse’s rendition.

Once this one is done, I just need to write the last one. Then I get a cover put together and get it up for sale on Amazon.

Always trust the Muse. I’m just sorry it took me so long to listen to her.

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