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Flash fiction all over the place

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So, I’m trying to get some flash fictions done for several projects.

First up is the two flash fictions for my Summer of Fiction Writing collection. I had a breakthrough yesterday on the fourth story and now I need the fifth story.

The quarterly blog hop is coming up at the end of the month. I’m trying to get another Trolgar story finished for that. Got an idea or two circling around the old noggin that I need to sit down and write. Last Wednesday of the month (July 31) I’ll post it along with links to all the other authors who will be involved in the blog hop.

I also need to get an Advent Tale written for Cat Gerlach’s final Indie Author Advent Calendar. She has run it for ten years and this will be the last year she does it. For twenty four days in December she invites indie authors to write flash fiction tales, then she puts them up, one each day, until Christmas. Once I have the story for her, I’ll take all the stories I’ve written for her over the years and put it out as a collection.

And then I have several collections in mind that I want to try and get written before the end of the Summer of Fiction Writing, all related along a common theme.

Lots of writing and storytelling to do, and it feels like very little time to do it. That’s probably an illusion, but maybe the pressure of that illusion will get me in gear and finishing off this list of projects.

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