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If you’d like to know when I put out a new work, sign up on my mailing list. I send out daily emails, about whatever is on my mind – works-in-progress, movies, books, random thoughts, current events, and / or my dogs. Probably a lot about my dogs. These emails may contain some promotional materials or affiliate links.

In addition, you’ll get a copy of my ebook, Tastes Like Gator and Other Stories. It’s a sampling of twenty flash fiction stories, all under 1,000 words each, so you can read one while standing in line at the store, or whenever you have a minute. The tales cover a lot of territory, so there’s bound to be a few you’ll like.,

Your e-mail will not be sold, traded, bartered or otherwise given to other people and is protected by rabid dingoes. (Okay, there aren’t any rabid dingoes, but if there were, they’d totally keep your e-mail address safe from ne’er-do-wells.)