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M.B.D. – Episode 5

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Warning! The following may contain bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, cardboard characters, cheesy plots, offensive NSFW material, and / or puns.
Reader discretion is advised.

After meeting up with Tom back at the office, the two went to check out the home of Clay Cassius Walter. They got into the company’s 1967 Mustang and headed off.

“I saw a guy standing around after the explosion but he took off after I saw him observing the scene. I chased after him but he got away.”

Tom thought it over. “He may have just been spooked. But keep an eye out for him and if we run into him again maybe we can find out if he has anything to do with this situation.”

They arrived at the apartment complex where Clay lived. They parked several buildings away from the unit where Clay lived.

“Right. Who gets this one?”

“Rock, paper, scissors?”

“You’re on.”

The two faced off against each other, fists raised in the air. Tom stared intensely at Freddie, relying on his gut to determine what Freddie’s throw would be.

“One, two three, throw!”

Freddie threw rock, which trumped Tom’s scissors. “You always get to have all the fun.”

Freddie got out of the car and walked between the units to Clay’s apartment. He walked up the three flights of stairs until he reached the fourth floor and the apartment.

He knocked first, but after not getting a response he tried the door knob.

Locked, of course. Freddie pulled out a small set of lockpicks. Within a few moments the door was open. Freddie slipped inside and closed the door, locking it again.

The apartment was sparsely furnished. A couch, a TV, and some exercise equipment filled the main room. The kitchen area had a small table for eating with two chairs.

The kitchen was filled with health foods – protein powder, vitamins, mineral supplements. The pantry was filled with more food but half of it was stocked with Zooper, a sports energy drink. “Zooper makes you super” Freddie quoted the drink’s catch phrase.

He moved on to the bedroom. A bed, a dresser, and a small desk were in the room, with a computer on the desk. He moved the mouse and the screen came to life. A spreadsheet was open. Freddie read it over. It contained entries for the exercises Clay performed, the foods he ate, the calories involved, and other data.

Freddie was about to leave when he heard someone at the front door. The lock was turning.

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