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M.B.D. – Episode 12

Warning! The following may contain bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, cardboard characters, cheesy plots, offensive NSFW material, and / or puns.
Reader discretion is advised.

Lieutenant Dan Taylor checked his look one final time in the mirror. Everything looked acceptable about his reflection. That did nothing to calm his nerves. In a few moments he had to go out and face the press. It was one of his least favorite parts about his job.

He stepped out of the restroom and walked down the short hallway to the conference room. He squinted as he entered the room as multiple bright lights assaulted his eyes. The Commissioner told him not to squint so much at these things because the camera made him look disreputable when he did. He couldn’t help it though. If these vultures would just turn the damn lights down. Did everyone with a camera really need to have their own spotlight to make sure they could see what was happening?

The moment the press saw him they started chattering. Taylor couldn’t quite make out what anyone was saying since they all spoke at the same time. He approached the podium and tapped the mike. A loud thud came from the speakers in the room.

“Let’s quiet down. I will read from a prepared statement. Please save any questions until the end.”

He took out a small note card and read. “There have been several incidents of people catching fire and exploding within the city limits. We do not yet know the cause of these incidents. We have found no connections between them and no one has claimed responsibility for the acts. We are still investigating the matter and when we have further information we will pass it along to members of the press. Thank you.” He tucked the note card back in his pocket as the reporters all started shouting questions at him.

“One at a time, one at a time. You.” He pointed to a young lady in the front row.

“Yes, are these terrorist attacks and will there be more?”

“We do not believe these are terrorist attacks at this time. No one has come forward to admit to these acts or made any type of demands.” He pointed at an older man, pump with a balding head.

“Who is behind this?” Inwardly Taylor sighed. Were they not even bothering to listen to what he was saying?

“We do not know who is behind this at present.” He pointed at a woman in a brash business skirt and blouse.

“What are the police doing to keep the citizens of our city safe?”

“We are following all leads. As always, if anyone has any information regarding these tragedies we invite them to contact the police department at the number on your screen.” Taylor mentally cringed. Now every whack job with a crazy theory would be flooding the station with crank calls. The public was rarely, if ever, helpful in actually closing a case.

“What can you tell us about the victims?”

“We are withholding their names until we can get in touch with the families. However, both were young males, and apparently very healthy, into sports, with clean records. I’m afraid that is all the time we have for questions right now. Thank you.”

Taylor exited the conference room as quickly as possible.

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