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M.B.D. – Episode 17

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Warning! The following may contain bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, cardboard characters, cheesy plots, offensive NSFW material, and / or puns. Reader discretion is advised.

On the way back to the office, Tom pulled into a gas station. “Why don’t you go get some Zooper and I’ll fill the tank.”

“Sure thing.” Freddie headed in to the store.

Tom ran his credit card at the pump, unscrewed the gas cap and put the nozzle of the hose into the gas tank. He squeezed the handle, then flipped the little lever that would hold it in place while the car filled up.

Inside the store, Freddie went to the cooler and found the Zooper Energy Drink. He opened the cooler and took one out. As he turned toward the cashier he found a gun in his face.

Outside at the pump, a guy walked up to Tom, smoking a cigarette. “Hey man, spare some cash? I got here and found out my wallet is at home. So I can’t fill up my car.”

Tom looked at the other pumps. The only other car in the station was parked in front of the mini-mart.

“First off, you do know smoking at a gas station is a bad thing to do, don’t you?”

“Its not gonna do anything. Its not like I’m gonna drop it in the tank.”

Inside the store, Freddie stared down the barrel of the gun. “Get on the floor and hand over all your money!”

“Which do you want me to do first, get on the floor or hand over the money?”

The robber seemed momentarily puzzled by this and relaxed his grip on the pistol as his brain worked on the conundrum. Quickly Freddie dropped the can of Zooper and grabbed the robber’s wrist. He twisted it and pointed it away from himself, then pulled the gun from the robber’s hand.

Outside, Tom was still arguing with the guy at the pump. “You don’t have to drop it in the tank. You can start a fire from the fumes.”


Tom gave him a hard stare. After a few moments the guy took a final drag, exhaled it, and threw the lit cigarette on the ground. Tom stepped on it and ground it out.

Inside the store Freddie punched the robber in the neck and caught him as he fell. A shot rang out and shattered the cooler, shards of glass dropping to the floor. Freddie saw a second robber at the cashwrap. He ducked as another shot punctured several cans of Zooper, spraying the contents into the aisle.

Outside, Tom heard the shots and looked inside the store. He could see a man with a gun pointing at something in the store.

“Don’t move man! You do and I’ll blow your head off!”

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