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M.B.D. – Episode 27

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Warning! The following may contain bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, cardboard characters, cheesy plots, offensive NSFW material, and / or puns. Reader discretion is advised.

“Call nine one one and tell them terrorists are poisoning the city water supply.” Tom clutched the wheel as they took a sharp turn. Freddie fished his cellphone out of his pocket and made the call.

They pulled onto the drive heading to the entrance of the water treatment plant. The windshield cracked and splintered as a bullet pierced it. “Damn it! Don’t shoot the car!” Tom swore.

Freddie called on his experience as a trained killer and quickly assessed the situation and found the shooter’s position. “Over there! If you can get me by those pumps I can take him out.”

Tom swerved the car in the direction of the pumps, slowing the car just enough for Freddie to make a diving roll out of the door, where he finally ended up behind the pumps. More bullets slammed into the chassis of the car, leaving small holes in the sides and making loud ‘thunking’ noises.

Tom continued driving, both to get away from the gunman and to find the tanker that had pulled in before them.

Freddie stayed low as he scanned the area. He could see the gunman firing after Tom and the Mustang. Keeping low he stalked toward the gunman until he was within a few feet. The gunman turned looking for any other targets as Tom had driven the Mustang out of sight.

Freddie crept up behind and was just about to strike when the figure turned. “I could smell you approaching even with the stench of this machinery covering your smell.” It was a woman’s voice but the face was that of a reptile. Green and brown scales covered a sleek face. The being smiled and flashed a set of sharp pointy teeth. She pulled a wicked looking knife from her coat and brandished it before her. “Die mammal!”

She lunged at Freddie who spun out of the way of the blade. He struck her arm, going for an arm lock but she twisted away, bringing the knife in for another attack. It missed by less than an inch.

Freddie retreated, always staying just out of reach of the swinging blade. He grabbed a chain hanging on a nearby railing. In his expert hands, it swung around his body, becoming an effective barrier. He advanced driving the reptilian attacker back.

In a decisive move he swung the chain, wrapping it around his opponent’s arm holding the knife. The two contorted and struck, bound together by the chain, each trying to incapacitate the other. It was as graceful as a ballet, each participant flowing to counter a move made by the other. Twisting and turning, lunging back and forth, they went on. They fought until they were on a catwalk going above the machines that treated the water.

Freddie unwound enough of the chain from his opponent’s arm then swept her feet out from under her. Keeping her off balance he quickly grabbed her hands, then tied the chain around the railing, securing her in place.

“Stay here.” She tried snapping at him but Freddie had already moved out of range. She hissed at his retreating form as she struggled against the chains.

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