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M.B.D. – Episode 28

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Warning! The following may contain bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, cardboard characters, cheesy plots, offensive NSFW material, and / or puns. Reader discretion is advised.

Tom skidded the car to a stop. The tanker was just ahead. Several of the reptiloids were working at the back of the tanker to get a hose untangled.

“Great googlie moolgies! They’re lizards!” Tom ran towards the tanker As he neared, two of the reptiloids pounced at him. Fists swinging, Tom attacked. He was doing well until one of the creatures produced a long rod. The end crackled with electricity. Tom fell to the ground as the creature shoved it into his ribs. They grabbed his arms and dragged him to the tanker.

Agent Mabon, now in her true reptilian form, directed the others. “Quickly, we must get that hose connected to the outflow of the water treatment. Once we dump the formula into the water supply, we will be able to destroy the city’s inhabitants without lifting a talon.”

Tom, still groggy from being stunned was able to get his feet under him and stand even as the reptiloids kept a tight grip on his arms. “You won’t be able to get away with this.”

“How are you going to stop us? I believe you have a saying, ‘you and what army’?”

“I don’t need an army. In minutes this place will be crawling with police. They’ve been alerted to your plan. Even if you do manage to dump your formula into the water supply steps will be taken to insure no one drinks it.”

“Big talk from a lowly mammal.”

“Fine, let’s talk then. What do you get out of this? You must have a reason to commit genocide.”

“You! You and your kind are the reason. In the last century your population has spiraled out of control. You have created weapons that will destroy the world hundreds of times over and leave nothing but a charred cinder. You are violent, senseless, and self-destructive. We are preserving our way of life by destroying yours.”

“Any civilization that would destroy another to preserve themselves is as out of balance as you claim ours to be. We can sit down and talk, work out our differences.”

“We have seen how you ‘work out’ your differences with others of your own species. You talk sweetly, then plunge the dagger into their hearts. No, there will be no bargaining with you.”

The other reptiloids completed untangling the hose and attached it to the pumps handling the water outflow of the treatment plant.

“And now, say goodbye to your city, mammal.” Agent Mabon flipped the valve on the tanker.

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