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Back in the saddle again

Wow! Where does the time go?

I decided I would take a clue from my brother from another mother and start doing a weekly blog post again.

Looks like my last post was Dec. 19, 2016, eight months ago. So what have I been doing since then?

During the Spring I was teaching Python programming to a group of great kids. hen I help migrate a friend of mine and her animals to North Carolina.

And during the summer, I’ve been looking for other income streams to keep me going until I get the writing career moving.

Speaking of which I’ve also made a push to finalize what I hope to put out as my first novel. I’m typing up all the handwritten manuscript and getting it ready for publication. I’ll need to run it past some beta readers and an editor first, design a cover and write a cover blurb. But I hope to get it out Real Soon Now.

Anyway, that’s everything in a nutshell for now.

Back next week with more.

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