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And the monkey presses the button

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So, I finally went and published my first novel to Amazon.
There was that moment when I’m sitting there, staring at the button for the last step in the process, and hesitating. This is it. The make or break moment. I publish this and put something out into the world, and hope that enough people like it that I can continue doing it. Or I publish it, and everyone hates it, and I crawl off into a hole somewhere. Or I just don’t hit publish at all and walk away.
That moment is both terrifying and thrilling. There’s a lot of work that goes into writing and publishing a novel. I’m sure that there will be some folks who like it. And there will be some people who hate it. And a whole lot of people that will completely ignore it.
Now the deed is done. For better or worse, I’ve taken the next step in the journey to make this a career. Here’s hoping the journey doesn’t end here.

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