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I’m up for Book Of The Year!

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This came as a bit of a surprise. I was scrolling through Facebook and got tagged in a post. I went to look at it and it turns out my book, Arthur Mace, Medieval Gumshoe got nominated in Aconite Cafe’s 2019 Caffeinated Fantasy Awards for Book of the Year.

It looks like each book can get nominated multiple times and whichever books get the most nominations will go into the next round of voting. It looks like when you submit a nomination you get added to Aconite Cafe’s mailing list,so I can understand why people would be hesitant to enter a nomination.

However, if you’d like to help to help me out, I’d appreciate it if you could nominate my book and help get it into the next round of voting. You can do that by going to this link.

2019 Caffeinated Fantasy Awards


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